*The above ratings were accurate as of 4/21/2016. Each of the above ratings is of Salem Pet Supply or South Salem Pet Supply, but not both stores.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our stores:

“I like the character and the product knowledge of the employees. They are always helpful in answering my questions. I like the treats and attention the give my pet.” ~Hope M.

“I love this store. It is convenient being in South Salem, they have a wide variety at lower prices then Petco and Petsmart. They are always so friendly and helpful every time I go in. They are extremely knowledgeable about their products. I love their wide selection of high quality pet food. My dog loves their treats and toys. It is just a great neighborhood pet store. And I love supporting local businesses! Thank you so much South Salem Pet Supply!” ~Amanda P.

“We have had soooooo- many questions since our new puppy and someone has always had answers for us, or at least given it their all! Thank you for all your knowledge and help– and all the food samples to help us find the right food for our “Jessie”!” ~Jennifer & John R.

“What’s not to like about SSPS? They have it all, AND they do it right. A seemingly impossible combination in today’s marketplaces – it’s usually one or the other. These are my top 5 reasons why SSPS is our family’s favorite pet store…
1) Their competitive prices.
Times are tough and any dollar I can save makes me a happy customer. I’m the type to scour the internet looking for the best price on things before buying it, and they have very reasonable prices (often several dollars cheaper) on products dog owners buy regularly: Chuckit! products, chews/bones, training treats, and of course dog food.
2) The quality of the products they carry.
Sure, nationwide chain pet stores have a bigger retail space, but you have to admit…you wouldn’t buy half of the stuff in stores like that. It’s usually a cheap, poor quality product intended to sell quickly, break, and have you come back to buy a replacement. At SSPS, they seem to pick and choose only the best products to sell in their store.
3) The selection available.
Anything and everything under the sun – from flea treatments, pet beds, organic cat food, clothing and accessories for your pet (e.g. Doggles® and UO/OSU wear), designer bowls/food dishes, to gourmet cookies…they have everything you can think of, and a few items that maybe you haven’t (but should have). It’s a one-stop shopping experience for all of your furry family needs.
4) The courteous staff.
They’re knowledgeable, friendly, and always offer USEFUL recommendations. They seem to strike the right balance between asking if we need help and just letting a customer shop. Plus a treat, a friendly hello, and the loving pets our dog Maya gets from the staff should be an industry standard. Maya’s tail begins to wag out of control when we’re pulling up to SSPS, and I firmly believe it’s because of the staff.
5) The extra curricular activities.
In this respect, SSPS is more than just a pet store – it’s a community resource that helps to celebrate and educate those of us who want the absolute best for their pets. From events like the free photography sessions last week, to workshops with licensed doctors about dog nutrition, and SSPS’s involvement with charities like the Fences for Fido and Salem Friends of Felines they stand apart from your average pet store and want to make a difference in OUR community.” ~Matt A.

“Best pet store in the Northwest! And great prices!!!” ~Justin S.

“We like this store. It is close to home and most always have what we want. Staff is real helpful too.” ~Deanna B.