Local Products

Here’s some products we LOVE that are also made LOCAL!

Snooks Dried Sweet Potato Treats
Made in Estacada, Oregon

These delicious, crunchy treats are low in fat and great for dogs with food sensitivities. They are easy to digest and aid in cleaning the teeth and gums. Also available on a rope! Pictured here are the small chips, made for smaller dogs who love big taste!

Cat Posts by Rodney
Made in Salem, Oregon

Rodney has been building cat posts for us for years. You can find his sturdy, attractive cat furniture at a large number of stores in the Salem/Portland area, but we are sure to have the best prices! Soft, lush carpet and sisal rope are ready for your cats to dig their claws into! Free catnip sprayed on the post with purchase if requested. These cat posts ROCK! Well, actually they don’t – they are very sturdy, and the price is sure to fit your pocket book.

Mad About Organics Flea & Tick
Made in Eugene, Oregon

This amazing blend of olive and essential oils creates a barrier of scent that drives insects crazy! Very unique products from this company include the treatment (pictured), a spray, and nourishing shampoos. The company is run by a husband, wife and her mom who set out to find an alternative to the harsh chemicals we use on our pets and ourselves. Give it a try! It’s much less expensive than leading chemical treatments, and you may find you even like it better too.

Wild Chewz
Made in Bend, Oregon

Wild Chewz makes their dog chews out of healthy, natural raw ingredients. Their antler chews can greatly help to strengthen the dog’s teeth. There are many other choices of chews available as well. Wild Chewz aims to put the natural resources from the Bend area to use through making high-quality pet products from local animal materials. Their products are a great option in comparison to average, contemporary raw hide.

Portland Pet Food Company
Made in Portland, Oregon

Using natural, human-grade ingredients, Portland Pet Food Company focuses on providing high-quality, frozen dog food. Frozen food is their main focus, but they also offer shelf-sustainable food. The PPFC dog food developers were educated in the Oregon Food Innovation Program to ensure their formula’s safety. This 100% U.S.-sourced food can put pet owners at ease, knowing that their dog is getting the nutrition they need.

Bow Wow Ties
Made in Salem, Oregon

Bow Wow Ties are ties that have been tailored specifically for our canine friends. These hand-made ties come in many different designs and styles to give your pet a formal look for any occasion.

Made in Portland, Oregon

The microbiology experts at Biozyme Inc. specialize in researching animal nutrition by which they design their products. Frozen food is their main focus, but they also offer shelf-sustainable food. Their products use “Amaferm”, a prebiotic used to boost the strength of the dog’s digestive system. Their dog food and vitamin and mineral supplements can help keep your dog in good shape.

Made in Bend, Oregon

Majesty’s Buddy Bites are nutritional supplement wafers available for dogs. There are two variants: One formulated for a healthy coat and another for joint health. They can be purchased with or without grain being an ingredient. There are many reports of dogs improving from various joint issues from continued use of these treats. And dogs tend to love the taste!

High Cascade Emu Shampoo
Made in Eagle Point, Oregon

A shampoo made with real grade A emu oil, High Cascade’s shampoo will help to bring out the shininess in your dog’s coat. High Cascade, founded in 1994, has been a pioneer in the creation of many emu oil-based products. Emu oil promotes healthy skin and can (but is not guaranteed) help with certain skin disorders. This shampoo can even be diluted in water (giving more uses per bottle) and still be very effective.

Made in Bend, Oregon

If you like the outdoors and want your canine pal to be safe and comfortable on your trips into the wild, then Ruffwear’s products are for you! From traveling bowls to durable, bright collars – from cooling vests to life jackets – Ruffwear has a large selection of equipment. Before your next journey, visit one of our stores to see what we have! Many dogs have been saved from fatal accidents thanks to Ruffwear’s durable safety gear.

Loki Beef and Lamb Lung Treats
Made in Brownsville, Oregon

Loki’s treats are high quality treats made from grass-fed lamb and cow lungs. They are grain-free and have been made from animals with no anti-biotics or growth hormones. Dogs usually love the smell of these (even the picky ones!)

Primal Pet Food
Made in Portland, Oregon

Animals eat raw food in the wild, so why not feed your pet raw food? Primal’s assortment of raw food will be easier for your pet to digest than the typical dry or wet formulas. The meats are USDA-grade and the fruits and vegetables are organic, ensuring your pet will be receiving some of the best nutrition possible. Primal has helped pets recover from many different types of issues and is great for picky pets! See also Northwest Naturals below.

Northwest Naturals
Made in Portland, Oregon

Like Primal, Northwest Naturals is a manufacturer of raw pet food. They use very high quality ingredients, most of which are sourced in the US (and many are farmed in the Northwest). Northwest Naturals has many of the same benefits of Primal. Both companies provide frozen and freeze dried variations of their raw diet. Talk to our knowledgeable staff to find the best choice for your pet!